Friday was a not-so-exciting day of checking in with various volunteer duties. There wasn't a whole lot going on outside of that. Today was also not a very active one, but it was taken as a break day. However, there are some things that are mulling around. I hope to spend all of Sunday holed up in the studio getting some of those ideas out.

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Sanding to an end

All but two parts have been sanded for the board shear! There is still some photography left to do, but once finished, I can put the clean stuff on. Just a little more time before a fully functional shear is ready. I can't wait! I also attended the Friends of Lilly Library annual meeting tonight. We heard a lovely guest lecture by the new director of the Indiana University Art Museum who gave a glimpse at the trend of museum catalogs going digital. It is interesting to see the direction technology moves things...potentially scary, but certainly interesting. This next week…

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Sewing on a Frame

NaBloPoMo November 18. I was able to sew four text blocks today on the new sewing frame I acquired in Cleveland this October. Usually, I set up some upside down clamps with a metal rod taped across them to create the frame. This is much easier! It is great to come up with solutions to problems, but it is really nice to have the tools that are meant for the job!

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Works in Progress

NaBloPoMo November 17. Being rainy and gloomy outside, it was hard to focus for very long today. As a result, I spent the day working a little bit on a few things. Because of the rain, which I have no problem blaming for everything today, it took a little longer to get going despite a lovely coffee date first thing in the morning. To ease into the day, I did some research for a hanging piece that will use soft circuitry. After my reading, I think I am ready to move forward, however, before I have sketches finished, I'll refrain…

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