The Midwest GBW Annual Meeting 2017

The Midwest Guild of Book Workers is coming to Bloomington, Indiana! I will be teaching a workshop, The Conductive Book, as a part of this fun weekend and I can’t wait!  Information about the weekend schedule is here. Workshop details are here.  


Friday was a not-so-exciting day of checking in with various volunteer duties. There wasn’t a whole lot going on outside of that. Today was also not a very active one, but it was taken as a break day. However, there are some things that are mulling around. I hope to spend all of Sunday holed […]

Sanding to an end

All but two parts have been sanded for the board shear! There is still some photography left to do, but once finished, I can put the clean stuff on. Just a little more time before a fully functional shear is ready. I can’t wait! I also attended the Friends of Lilly Library annual meeting tonight. […]

Sewing on a Frame

NaBloPoMo November 18. I was able to sew four text blocks today on the new sewing frame I acquired in Cleveland this October. Usually, I set up some upside down clamps with a metal rod taped across them to create the frame. This is much easier! It is great to come up with solutions to […]

Works in Progress

NaBloPoMo November 17. Being rainy and gloomy outside, it was hard to focus for very long today. As a result, I spent the day working a little bit on a few things. Because of the rain, which I have no problem blaming for everything today, it took a little longer to get going despite a […]