BOST 2016 Wrap Up

Throughout the year, I work for many solitary hours in my studio. It is rare that I connect with people outside of my own setting unless I am working with someone on a commission or book repair work. I haven’t exhibited much in town, and I don’t make it out to many gallery openings, so […]

A visit from the Book Arts Bunch

The Book Arts Bunch (BAB) is an Indianapolis based group of book artists and enthusiasts organized by Jack Cooney for the last 10 years. This group is just one more way to stay in contact with professionals in the field and to discover the great resources that we are for one another. I first met Jack […]

Open Studios Tour Recap

To begin, I want to thank EVERYONE who came by my studio during the tour, and another big thank you to everyone who attended any part of the rest of the tour. Without people touring, it would be a pretty bad event! The first day of the tour was Saturday, June 7th. I spent all […]


I spent another great weekend at Hook Pottery Paper to help with some keepsakes for this year’s Friends of Dard Hunter Conference. I arrived Friday to some fantastic summer weather on the farm and right away set to help prep some of the fiber that would be used that weekend, but not before I admired […]

According to What?

A visit to the exhibit Ai Weiwei: According to What? at the Indianapolis Museum of Art I first heard about Ai Weiwei and his work when a friend sent me a link to a video about his sunflower seed project created for the Tate Modern in London. The project involved 1,600 people from Jingdezhen, a town […]