New Year Goals

Happy New Year Everyone!

2010 was a bit of a blur for me, but this year I hope to really get a hold of things. Aside from gaining more training through more intensive workshops, I would like to regain a bit of organization as I try to be more punctual with deadlines and doing a lot more preparation work for the various projects or events as they come up.

I would also like to improve my creative process. There always comes a point in a project when I find myself scanning my brain for techniques I’ve used in the past or have thought of using in the future but draw a blank when I try to recall them. My sketchbook gets me only so far. Throughout this year, I will compile a collection of techniques and materials. These will essentially be small trials and studies that I may want to incorporate into my work, and will act as visual reference in a way that my sketchbook cannot. I know that many people in creative fields create these types of references for themselves as a way of remembering what they have in their visual vocabulary, specifically graphic designers.  Seeing these examples is a great reminder, but these little practice “swatches” help figure out what kinds of factors will come into play giving a good sense of the technique’s potential and limitations.

embroidery study

Above, is a “quick” embroidery on canvas that I want to experiment with in books. As a material, thread is very attractive. It adds both a visual and tactile experience; a great amount of detail can be achieved along with a wide range of color. Also, thread has the ability to bend, wrap and fold, so it can be used in a number of ways when it comes to books. This will be my first contribution to the collection of techniques.