Altered Book Workshop, Online

Dates: Oct 16, 2023 – Oct 19, 2023
Levels: Beginner, Intermediate
Workshop Fee: $135
Workshop Duration: 4 hours over two sessions (Monday & Thursday 6-8pm ET)
Workshop Location: Online, hosted by Maine Media.
Class Size: 12

Note: This workshop will be held in a live, online format utilizing the Zoom platform.

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In this workshop, we will alter books and transform them from reading material to pieces of artwork. An altered book can take many different shapes! Each participant will select their own book to work on.

Session One

We will look at examples of altered books and explore the work of artists who use the format well. Each person will then share which book they chose to work with and any ideas they may have for their project. Working on my own book, I will demonstrate techniques for manipulating the pages and transforming the physical book into an idea. Participants will be invited to work on their book projects between classes.

Session Two

This is an opportunity to discuss our progress. During these discussions, I will propose ideas to further each piece and even demonstrate any additional techniques that will help. As a class, we will all benefit from each person’s unique approach to their book.

Supplies needed

  • *A book
  • Knife: Olfa 9mm snap-off, X-acto, or something similar
  • Metal straight edge 
  • Glue brush
  • Bonefolder
  • PVA (polyvinyl acetate) or other archival glue
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Clamps
  • Small weights

*How to choose a book: A nice candidate for an altered book is one that has decent paper (not yellowing) and is of no sentimental or monetary value, i.e. not a cherished family treasure or a first edition. It is helpful, but not necessary, to have some sort of interest in the subject of your book.