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Moss Stitch

Today was spent signing, numbering, and dating the Bridges prints to be sent to Iowa for the exchange part of the exhibit. Once the prints from all the participants arrive in Iowa, they will be collated and redistributed to the participants. Then, we all box or bind the collection and send the finished products in for the exhibit. I am SO excited to see everyone’s work!

NBPM 11-9In the meantime, this is a sneak peak of a piece I have been working on. There is no deadline for this piece or an intended goal. It is the thing I pick up and work on a little bit at a time when I am too tired to do anything else. Like some of the text pieces I have done before, I created the imagery using a needle and thread on handmade paper. While this is a very slow way to make marks on a page, it is an activity I enjoy specifically for that quality. Sometimes, working on something and getting into a mindset of doing without thinking is just what is needed. I’ll post a photo of the whole piece once it is finished…whenever that may be.