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On the Case

November 12

The blank books are moving along and the cases are being assembled. I am using the millimeter binding style following Peter D. Verheyen’s article in The Bonefolder. The case is made of two boards (a front and back cover), a spine piece (made from card stock or something similar), and a paper connecting strip. Since there are so many books to be assembled, it prompts a jig!
NBPM 11-12bStep one is setting a ruler as my stop where the paper connecting strip will butt up.

NBPM 11-12cI then cut a piece of board that lays on top of the paper strip.

NBPM 11-12dIt is hard to see in the photo, but the spine piece is glued and butt up against the board which lines the spine up in the middle of the paper strip. When all the spines are in place, they are put under weight while the hinges are figured out.

NBPM 11-12ePeter describes all of the steps in his article and the above photo shows the front and back of the boards once all the pieces are assembled.

NBPM 11-12fWhen it comes time to covering, you can do all sorts of things!