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Satisfying Stack

November 4

Today was spent between a print in progress (more on that soon) and the group of twenty blank books that are getting ready to be sent up north. After a full day’s work, all are rounded, backed, and lined.

NBPM 11-4 a

When I had sewn all of these books, I used a thread that would cause some swell after the sewing was complete. This gives the spine of the block a more natural round. The idea of not having to fight too hard to achieve this is always appealing, and certainly less stressful during the backing process. Once in the press, I use a bonefolder to smooth down the folds of each section while simultaneously backing the spine into shape.

NBPM 11-4 b

Glue is applied with a brush in a uniform layer across the spine, making sure to tack down the ends of thread leftover from sewing.

NBPM 11-4 c

The spine lining material is a combination of thin and thick paper that fill the spaces between the sewing stations. Endbands, that I had made with cloth wrapped around a cord core, were added at this time as well. The lining was finished with a long strip of paper once everything was level. The convenience of an edition is that all the measurements of each book are the same, therefore, everything can be cut up and ready for the assembly line.

NBPM 11-4 d

Once finished, I was left with a satisfying stack of books ready for their covers. If they get finished by time the weekend is out, I will be ahead of schedule!