Mind the Gap

Is it May already? There has been a big gap between the last post and this one. A few things have taken my attention during that span of time.

The first is the Guild of Book Workers Horizon exhibit entry. With a wide open theme, the exhibit allowed for a huge array of interpretation on the subject “Horizon.” I deliberated over the project for quite a while before finally deciding on the direction I would take it. I am happy with the result. It didn’t end up in the exhibit, however the book took me on an exploration of my methods and I am glad for the opportunity. I learned a lot about what works for me and what doesn’t. I’ll post more on the project soon, but in the meantime, it was a lot of drawing, painting and miscellaneous solutions to a binding style I had never attempted before.

The other event during the month of March was a trip to Japan. It was a time to visit family and see sights…really a fantastic time, not to mention an endless supply of inspiration for future endeavors. Below are a few photos from my time there.

Finally, was the Midwest Guild of Book Workers (link) annual meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This was my first time the attending the annual meeting as the Midwest Programs Chair which meant aside from participating, I had to make sure everything went smoothly. Lucky for me, everyone who came made that easy. More on that later but below are a few sneak peak photos.