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Salt Print Experiments II

After the first salt print test, my hopes were high.  They looked like others I have seen before and with the water color paint, I could mix the colors exactly how I want.

So after I mixed paints and brushed out my papers to be used for a set of 6 journals, I was disappointed to find out that the reaction of the salt with the mixed paint did not even come close to the first set. They do not look horrible.  In fact, they have really nice characteristics in their own way, but they could look wonderful if they came closer to the first trial. Also, after having seen the dry versions, the colors seemed a little too bright.

My hypothesis is that the density of paint was too great in this second round.  The first round of prints, I used water color paint that had been in a dry block form.  For the second, I mixed color using tube water color paint.  So my guess is that the ratio of paint to water was too great for the salt to do its thing.

Trial three to come…