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fungus on the brain

Works in Progress

November 17.

fungus on the brain
fungus on the brain

Being rainy and gloomy outside, it was hard to focus for very long today. As a result, I spent the day working a little bit on a few things. Because of the rain, which I have no problem blaming for everything today, it took a little longer to get going despite a lovely coffee date first thing in the morning. To ease into the day, I did some research for a hanging piece that will use soft circuitry. After my reading, I think I am ready to move forward, however, before I have sketches finished, I’ll refrain from explaining too much about the piece that does not quite exist yet.

There are four commissioned bindings that needed my attention so I did the trimming on each section this afternoon. It was a good push to get me ready for sewing tomorrow.

After yesterday’s progress with the board shear assembly, I looked at its unfinished state with longing as I tried to get other things done throughout the day. It was hard to work next to the piece of equipment that is so close to being usable. To satisfy my eagerness to put it together, I cleaned and oiled three more parts. Keeping with my method, I will photograph and “catalog” them before they get attached. Luckily, there are only so many parts to this machine and I really am very close.

Hoping for a productive Wednesday.