Don’t Take Your Guns to Town
Hand dyed goat skin, Traci flax and Indiana straw handmade paper, inkjet print


Tunnel of Love
Linocut print, watercolor, assorted handmade paper, Thai paper


Lotus Puzzle
Lithograph print, colored pencil, water color, rives lightweight, mat board


Destiny of Choice
EcoEditions Exhibit Entry, 23SandyGallery, 2013
Ethiopian style binding with slot and tab closure.
Inkjet printing, household paper, dental floss, miscellaneous garbage.

find out more about this piece here


And Then There Were Eight
Morgan Conservatory Donation, 2013
Accordion binding with removable spine piece.
Hook Pottery Paper Moon Paper, Morgan Conservatory Paper, Levant Cloth, Drawing Ink, Prismacolor Pencils.

find out more about this piece here


Undefined Lines
Rives BFK, Watercolor, India Ink, Paste Cloth
Woven paper binding

find out more about this piece here


Easter Island Theater Book
Five hand painted frames.
Wrapper covered in Iris book cloth; CAVE paper closure.


Wild Alphabet Book
A type specimen book hand bound and computer illustrated. Each letter spread is hand cut.
Mohawk and Strathmore paper bound in Iris book cloth.

find out more about this piece here


Mountain Theater Book
Hollanders; Theater Books with Barbara Brown, 2010
Water color images, bound in cloth.


Looking Up, Astrology Puzzle Book
Cyanotype prints, Thai paper, mat board, acrylic paint.


The Butterfly, The Flying Fish, and the Hurricane

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