Bloomington Open Studios Tour

Hellbender, woodcut This year, the Bloomington Open Studios Tour is a virtual tour. Along with the rest of my fellow artists in the collective, I've posted a brief video of my studio space, a few images of my work, and a time-lapse video of my most recent paper weaving. See my page here. It is a real disappointment not to be able to do this in person! I enjoy talking to the people who take time out of their day to visit me on the tour. I love to hear the thoughts everyone has about my studio practice and the…

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Printing Blocks

It has been just under three years since I took on the role as owner of Colophon Book Arts Supply. Throughout that time, I have had to basically drop most creative practices in the interest of learning the vast skill set required to run an online retail business. It has been challenging and I've really enjoyed the process so far. However, it has been a while since I've sat at the bench to complete an artist book, and that is frustrating. It has been a really long time. But in the last few weeks, part of my studio space has…

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Towards the end of 2017, I had the privilege of participating in the second round of a set book binding project called Stitch•illo – Creative Expressions through Thread and Fiber. A bit about the show: This Stitchillo Binding project is a continuation of a binding project that was made possible by a very generous gift from Janine Vangool, the publisher of Uppercase magazine and the editor and publisher of Stitch•illo. Ms. Vangool shared fifteen unbound copies of the book with binders who were tasked with creating unique covers inspired by the contents. The binders were selected by the fifteen binders who…

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Boxes and Penland

Boxes are in full swing in the studio as several commissioned enclosures have just been sent to their new owners. The studio becomes a mess with so many box projects going at once. Materials are strewn about, scraps are spread everywhere, and my tools are somewhere under all of the debris. The bustle makes me think back to the most recent box making workshop I taught last October. I had the privilege to teach Box Making for Book Artists at Penland School of Craft, an experience that everyone assured me would be more than memorable. They were right, of course. I…

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