Quiet Invitation

See a video of the piece working on Youtube View the code for programming the Arduino Uno on GitHub   The origins of the project: This past June (2015), I had the pleasure of visiting the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) campus for a week to work with Jana Dambrogio in the Wunsch conservation lab along […]

NaBloPoMo Wrap Up

NaBloPoMo November 23-30. It was full steam ahead after my last post a week ago. When I get close to a deadline, I “get the bit in my teeth” so to speak and can’t leave head space for anything else until the project is finished. While I have the guilt of ignoring other tasks on […]

Paper tests

Made some progress with handmade paper tests today. As is evident from the picture above, I am working with conductive materials. I’m really excited to continue this work tomorrow.

Moss Stitch

Today was spent signing, numbering, and dating the Bridges prints to be sent to Iowa for the exchange part of the exhibit. Once the prints from all the participants arrive in Iowa, they will be collated and redistributed to the participants. Then, we all box or bind the collection and send the finished products in […]

Writing in a straight line

Of all the decision making that goes into creating an artist book, I have found the means of putting text on the page to be the thing that slows me down most. There are only so many options. You can print the text from the computer, but you are limited to your printer’s page size […]