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Bloomington Open Studios Tour

Hellbender, woodcut

This year, the Bloomington Open Studios Tour is a virtual tour. Along with the rest of my fellow artists in the collective, I’ve posted a brief video of my studio space, a few images of my work, and a time-lapse video of my most recent paper weaving. See my page here.

It is a real disappointment not to be able to do this in person! I enjoy talking to the people who take time out of their day to visit me on the tour. I love to hear the thoughts everyone has about my studio practice and the questions that come up about what I do. However, this virtual tour has been a nice opportunity to share what I have been working on.

I hope you have a chance to visit the BOST page. There are so many great artists in our group, and being able to see each creative person’s physical space gives interesting insight into the work they produce.