Writing in a straight line

Of all the decision making that goes into creating an artist book, I have found the means of putting text on the page to be the thing that slows me down most. There are only so many options. You can print the text from the computer, but you are limited to your printer’s page size […]

Don’t Take Your Guns to Town

Catalyzed by a familiar starting point, this book project was begun as a planned assignment between myself and Kristin of Space Paste Press. After the success of our 2011 Intellectual Collaboration projects that took one month from conception to completion, we wanted to try the same idea with a longer time frame. The goal was […]

Happy Valentines Day

I’ve just finished a small edition of tunnel books and it seems appropriate to post the images today. The tunnel books feature a linoleum cut of the Taj Mahal, an international symbol of love. I am one of the lucky people to cast my eyes on this monument in person. To get there is a […]


Another of the books that was completed just at the end of August was an entry for the exhibit EcoEditions at 23SandyGallery in Portland, Oregon. The show runs November 15 – December 28, 2013 so if you are in the area, there is still time to see it! If you are not anywhere near Portland […]

Poor Pluto

One of the books I just finished before the end of August is a book that was sent to the Morgan Conservatory. Each participant was given two sheets of paper made by the Morgan to be used in an art piece of any format. The work is to be auctioned off at their Annual Open […]