Box Models

In an effort to go beyond the printed tutorial or weekend workshop, I've created these box models as a teaching tool to assist in the construction of high quality presentation enclosures. These boxes could be used for training at an institution, as a visual aid for an instructor, or to guide a student learning on their own. Each box is made from quality binder’s board and is wrapped in a variety of beautiful handmade paper, from Hook Pottery Paper, with the exception of the Dover book cloth spines. Clamshell Box Model $275.00 8.5 x 6.5 x 1.5" This box model…

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Bridge Open

Bridges Print Exchange and Exhibit

Back in November, I posted about the creation process for my print, Gruff, that I contributed to the Midwest GBW print exchange project. The only requirement was that the print had to fit in with the theme "Bridges". Soon after I mailed my print to join the other submissions, I received my group of prints. The second component of the print exchange was to create a box or a binding to house the prints that would then be included in the Bridges exhibit in Davenport, Iowa. I decided to create a box for the suite of prints as it would…

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Don’t Take Your Guns to Town

Catalyzed by a familiar starting point, this book project was begun as a planned assignment between myself and Kristin of Space Paste Press. After the success of our 2011 Intellectual Collaboration projects that took one month from conception to completion, we wanted to try the same idea with a longer time frame. The goal was to end up with finished pieces as opposed to the one month book sketches. The end result was something that should be "exhibit ready" so that the time spent on these projects would hopefully yield even more benefit than the prior learning experiences. With all…

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spine: reused maps, acrylic dyed linen thread

Travel Journal

Anyone studying binding makes their fair share of blank journals. It is a way to learn the binding process as well as experiment with cover decoration.  With this journal, I did just that. This book was also meant for a traveler so maps and a globe theme were incorporated. To begin, I wanted to allow the spine to be a decorative area as well as the cover so I decided to use an Ethiopian Coptic stitch.  The very edge of each section was wrapped with pieces of maps placed in such a way that an abstract image of a road…

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