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Box Models

In an effort to go beyond the printed tutorial or weekend workshop, I’ve created these box models as a teaching tool to assist in the construction of high quality presentation enclosures. These boxes could be used for training at an institution, as a visual aid for an instructor, or to guide a student learning on their own. Each box is made from quality binder’s board and is wrapped in a variety of beautiful handmade paper, from Hook Pottery Paper, with the exception of the Dover book cloth spines.

Clamshell Box Model

Clamshell Box Model
8.5 x 6.5 x 1.5″
This box model holds: a zine, outlining steps for constructing a clamshell box; jigs, which were used to adjust the dimensions of each box component; and a wrapping model that is a great guide when it comes time to cover each tray. The A Tray, or the tray that holds the contents of the box, is attached with strong magnets allowing the viewer to remove the tray and inspect the underside of its wrapping.

Clamshell Box Model open

Sampler for Book Artists
9.5 x 6.75 x 2.75″
This model is the ultimate box maker’s model. It is similar to the clamshell box in the way that it opens. However, once open, one will find: a slipcase containing a collection of four instructional zines, a wrapper that holds four surface decoration technique plaquettes, and a sample book from Hook Pottery Paper. Below those items, a trap door pivots when pressed in the right place to reveal a hidden compartment full of guides, jigs, and interior modification models. Found within one of these compartments is a USB drive that contains the digital form of the instructional zines, and more.

Box Sampler for Book Artists open

To Order
There will be a 1-2 month turn around for your box and you can secure the order with a $100 deposit. The remaining balance is due before the finished box will be shipped. Questions or order requests and questions can be emailed to me. Payments can be made by check or credit card payments can be taken over the phone.