February: Zine






February’s intellectual collaboration was a zine. It was great fun and a new experience to fill out content for a small format.

Like January’s collaboration, Dust of Snow, we set a few parameters and this month’s were as follows:

Black and White
Teach or Preach
(2) 8.5 x 11 Sheets of Paper

The nature of zines tends to be a quick and cheap way to get information out to people. They often look slapped together, finely formatted or range somewhere in between. Before beginning the project, I spent much time perusing the Zine Library site to get a feel for today’s examples. I have seen lots of chapbooks, a cousin to the zine, through the Lilly Library’s collection. I’d say that mine fell somewhere in between the old and new.

I chose to create a short manual of inspiration for creative writing. I am completely unqualified to give such advice, however, this project helped me explore the things that get me to write. My goal was to meet other not-quite-writers on a similar level. Hopefully, it will. Visually, I was inspired by the wonderful insurance map typography posters featured on BibliOdyssey. Yet again, the visually stimulating and thought provoking content on their website has inspired another one of my projects.

Space Paste Press February project

(This will be one of the items for sale at my booth at this Spring’s Bloomington Handmade Market)