Bridge Open

Bridges Print Exchange and Exhibit

Back in November, I posted about the creation process for my print, Gruff, that I contributed to the Midwest GBW print exchange project. The only requirement was that the print had to fit in with the theme “Bridges”. Soon after I mailed my print to join the other submissions, I received my group of prints. […]

Bridge Crossed

NaBloPoMo November 8 This print run congealed my relationship with my sweet little poster press. Since I acquired the press, I have only done a few small print runs. Figuring out how to register my imagery and hand ink consistently had tripped me up. However, after having taken Karen Kunc‘s class at PBI this past […]

Bridge in Progress

NaBloPoMo November 6 Today’s work hours were completely devoted to cutting my woodblock. No sanding rust, no edition binding, just cutting the block. My hand feels like I was diligent. As you can see from the photo, I am about finished. I’ve shaded in areas with a pencil so I could see if a component […]

Bridges Print

NaBloPoMo November 5 Bridges is an exchange exhibit that is being put on by the Midwest Guild of Book Workers. The guidelines are: Each participant makes an image related to or about bridges. This could also be a state of mind or a physical structure. Participants will then make a box or book for presentation […]

Steamroller Printing Event

It has been just over a week since the steamroller printing event took place in Michigan City. I have been reminiscing about the day’s events again because the post show opening is this Friday at Walnut Ink Projects (details at bottom of post). I mentioned before that it was my first time participating in this […]