Rooster Transfer

While I have been working on a few relief pieces, I was looking into different ways to get my drawings on to the wood or linoleum block. I usually create a drawing to decide what will be carved and sometimes this is a fairly detailed sketch. My current image idea, a rooster, would not only […]

Fantasy and Nonsense

In July earlier this year, I submitted a binding to a juried exhibit hosted by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers. The book received second place in the exhibit and will be on display from September 7 to November 4 at the J. Willard Marriott Library at the University of Utah in Salt […]

Undefined Lines

Undefined Lines is the result of the Guild of Book Workers Horizon exhibit competition. Entries could be any type of binding, artist book or other book project so long as it related to the theme “Horizon.” It had been a more difficult topic for me to respond to than others in the past; the decision […]

July: Paste Papers and Cloth

A special project in the timeline of the intellectual collaboration projects this year was July’s.  We had the opportunity to collaborate in person! So for this special occasion, we decided to practice a technique instead of complete a book project. We chose to experiment with paste papers and paste cloth as it is a material […]

Standards of Excellence in Boston

The Guild of Book Workers Standards of Excellence this year was held in Boston, Massachusetts at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel & Towers. We were conveniently located in the middle of Boston so there was a lot to see and eat. Needless to say it was easy to fill any spare minutes outside of the […]