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Box with a Drawer

I have been developing a new box structure and just put the finishing touches on three of its kind. This box was developed in response to my desire to make a box with a drawer but haven't for lack of a tutorial (if you know of one, I would love to see it!). Additionally, I had some students interested in taking a box workshop with me, who I had the pleasure of teaching during the 2015 Paper and Book Intensive workshop Box Making for Book Artists. Developing a class for this new box structure was a great way to explore…

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Old Man and the Sea

I've recently finished an enclosure and light repairs for a Life magazine featuring Ernest Hemmingway's Old Man and the Sea. The magazine was brought to me by a friend, who purchased it online, to be safely bound as a gift. Due to the large and heavy nature of the magazine, as well as its slightly worn condition, there were unique challenges to solve. The covers were detached from the rest of the text while the remainder of the pages seemed in pretty good shape which were kept together by three staples. The staples were carefully removed first because the existing…

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Bridge Open

Bridges Print Exchange and Exhibit

Back in November, I posted about the creation process for my print, Gruff, that I contributed to the Midwest GBW print exchange project. The only requirement was that the print had to fit in with the theme "Bridges". Soon after I mailed my print to join the other submissions, I received my group of prints. The second component of the print exchange was to create a box or a binding to house the prints that would then be included in the Bridges exhibit in Davenport, Iowa. I decided to create a box for the suite of prints as it would…

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Quiet Invitation

See a video of the piece working on Youtube View the code for programming the Arduino Uno on GitHub   The origins of the project: This past June (2015), I had the pleasure of visiting the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) campus for a week to work with Jana Dambrogio in the Wunsch conservation lab along with our fellow colleague Brian Beidler. During that wonderful week, I met Jie Qi, a PhD student in the MIT media lab. Jie and I had a chance to show one another what we had been working on and discovered many common interests. So when…

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NaBloPoMo Wrap Up

NaBloPoMo November 23-30. It was full steam ahead after my last post a week ago. When I get close to a deadline, I "get the bit in my teeth" so to speak and can't leave head space for anything else until the project is finished. While I have the guilt of ignoring other tasks on my to do list or, more specifically my email, it is very satisfying to be completely immersed in a piece. Above is a photo of the finished piece Quiet Invitation featuring terrestrial bio-luminescent organisms. I will expand on the project's scope more completely in a…

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