Craft Night Highlights: Halloween Cards

Being bogged down in a relentless day-to-day schedule or working at home, it is easy to feel a little out of touch with the rest of the world.  In order to combat this, two years ago I began a craft night. Once a week, I invite close friends over for a night of socializing and productivity.  Everyone is encouraged to bring their latest project. This can include anything from knitting to mending clothing but pretty much everything is welcome.

Every once in a while, I initiate a project or theme to the evening and this time, it was Halloween.  (Apologies for not providing this before the holiday).  I brought out the card stock, stamps and various ink pads. With Ashley’s help, we gathered supplies made for Halloween cards last year and we created quite a few good ones. (Nicole even finished a part of her Where’s Waldo costume). Enjoy the photos below!