Workshop with Daniel Kelm

I had the privilege of participating in Daniel Kelm’s workshop on wire edge binding this past weekend here in Bloomington. He treated us to a lecture the previous Thursday, and it just made me more eager to get my hands working with the structures.

Daniel has a great way of explaining the processes but also allows room for participants to join him in his thinking process. It is great to be invited to figure out for one’s self why he came to the conclusions he has for each of his structures. This sort of instruction helps me greatly when I leave the workshop setting to carry those methods out on my own books.

It was even more helpful that Daniel was so generous with his models and examples of the things we were discussing. Like a magician, he came out with a book for every technique.

We were able to make two structures using a wire edge binding. One codex and one sculptural accordion. The possibilities are so endless, one’s head spins. Here are the images of the two books we made in class. (Click on the images to see a larger version)

Wire edge codex binding:


Wire edge accordion binding:


Link to my notes taken in class.