PBI Catch Up

There has been much time between my last post and this one but it is all for good reason. First, I'll fill in on the time I spent at PBI (Paper and Book Intensive). I will have a hard time doing justice to the two great weeks I spent with so many amazing people so I will do my best. After landing (well, parking) on Ox-Bow's secluded campus, where PBI was held this year, I slowly acquainted myself with the surroundings. Bordered by a lagoon and woods with great hiking paths, Ox-Bow is composed of a collection of buildings centered…

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India on my Mind

I have a binding project that has been at the forefront of my mind. By the end of this month, I hope to have most of it done. I have registered to participate in the One Book One Chicago 10th anniversary exhibit supported by the Chicago Public Library. I have been following the One Book One Bloomington program since this is where I live, but growing up in and around the Chicago-land area for the greater part of my life made me eager to participate once the exhibit was announced. If you've never heard of the One Book One City…

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Japanese Bookbinding Workshop

Coming soon... JAPANESE BOOKBINDING WORKSHOP at PAPER CRANE GALLERY Date:  March 26, 2011 Time:  1-4pm Cost:  $60 (includes materials & supplies) Skill:  Beginning to Intermediate Participants:  8 (5 minimum) Using traditional Japanese bookbinding methods, each participant will make their own pouch bound book.  This binding style is very popular, but is a structure that can be used for many applications. The Japanese pouch-bound book is a great introduction to bookbinding and has a very sophisticated look. The techniques taught in the workshop can be applied to many types of projects. If you will be in the Bloomington area, join us!…

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brushed salt and silver

Silver, Salt, Screen

Sunday, I participated in a workshop as part of the College Book Arts Association conference in Bloomington. The workshop was given by Amanda Lee, a graduate student at IU. We assembled in the printing studios on campus and got to work right away. We learned about the chemicals involved with the salt printing processes. It is important that these ratios are precise or the results will be affected. We required a solution of salt and a solution of silver to make the prints. In this instance, the salt was to be mixed with gelatin as opposed to the usual way…

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