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Computer Day

November 3

Today, is one of those days that I go back and forth between avoiding and getting mildly excited about. Tuesdays have become the day I sift through the quick sand that is my email Inbox and make sure I address every email that came in over the last week. When consistent, I feel like I have a good handle on the various conversations that pile up.

During this computer day, I check the finances to make sure my bank and my own account register agree, update this blog and Facebook, and address any volunteer tasks that I may have to deal with. Its a lot to accomplish in a day, but by devoting one whole day to being really thorough about everything, I am able to focus on everything else the rest of the week and just do maintenance until the following week.

This all hinges on being diligent each week. Every day is a lesson. It is all in the realm of becoming your own boss once you become a full time artist. Who didn’t reply to all these emails?!?!…oh yeah. Me.

It has been a good computer day and I am feeling on top of the to do list! Till tomorrow…

NBPM 11-3