Keep on Rollin’


On the road again and it is finally time for the steamroller printing event at Walnut Ink Gallery. It is something I have been anticipating for so long that I’ve almost forgotten my role in the event. That is just the nature of things that force you into over preparedness. When I say force, I mean that you can’t help but be ready. The blocks have been cut and delivered and the event is the printing, so I’m all set! Being able to see the fruits of our (mine and Andrea’s) labors is a very exciting prospect.

What’s more, I can finally show people what I have been yammering on about for the last few months. Being a part of such a large composition has been truly educational and a goal of mine for some time. I have some wonderful people coming out to Michigan City to see my block being printed and to participate in the day. Having this kind of support not only benefits the gallery and increases appreciation for printed media, but it means a lot to me personally to see my own fan club…something that is generally not so physically represented…although I wouldn’t object to some fans in the studio occasionally.

I will post a full summary of the day, hopefully along with some video, so stay tuned.