Workshop with Daniel Kelm

I had the privilege of participating in Daniel Kelm’s workshop on wire edge binding this past weekend here in Bloomington. He treated us to a lecture the previous Thursday, and it just made me more eager to get my hands working with the structures. Daniel has a great way of explaining the processes but also […]

October: Sketches

In an effort to have a less taxing project for October, Kristin (of Space Paste Press) and I decided that we would have a project that would only take five days. This was appealing because we had been delayed a bit in meeting that month and did not want to fall behind. The project would […]

September: Scroll

Going back to one of the earliest book formats, the Space Paste Press and Spring Leaf Press collaboration for September was a scroll that had a science theme. I chose to depict the reproduction cycle of ferns, a plant that unrolls when it grows. The closure for the scroll is a wooden button and hemp […]

August: Tunnel Book

A book format that I continue to revisit is the tunnel book for its playfulness not only in appearance but also for the fun I have putting them together. When Kristin, from Space Paste Press, suggested that we make a tunnel book for the August intellectual collaboration I jumped at the idea. In order to […]

June: Accordion

The intellectual collaboration for June was an accordion book with a narrative theme, specifically documentation of some sort. I chose to visually document a trip I took to India. I knew I wanted to use only image based narration, and immediately a presentation I attended last year came to mind. During the College Book Arts […]