August: Tunnel Book

A book format that I continue to revisit is the tunnel book for its playfulness not only in appearance but also for the fun I have putting them together. When Kristin, from Space Paste Press, suggested that we make a tunnel book for the August intellectual collaboration I jumped at the idea. In order to […]

July: Paste Papers and Cloth

A special project in the timeline of the intellectual collaboration projects this year was July’s.  We had the opportunity to collaborate in person! So for this special occasion, we decided to practice a technique instead of complete a book project. We chose to experiment with paste papers and paste cloth as it is a material […]

June: Accordion

The intellectual collaboration for June was an accordion book with a narrative theme, specifically documentation of some sort. I chose to visually document a trip I took to India. I knew I wanted to use only image based narration, and immediately a presentation I attended last year came to mind. During the College Book Arts […]

May: Ephemera

May’s intellectual collaboration project challenge was to create an artist book having to do with “ephemera.” I’ve seen several at the Lilly Library that either stunned me or just made me wonder why anyone might want to collect such scraps and put them into books. When it comes down to it, ephemeral books reflect the […]

April: National Poetry Month

I’ll continue to catch up on posting some earlier projects this month with one that occured in April. In honor of national poetry month, the Spring Leaf Press and Space Paste Press intellectual collaboration for April was a book of poetry. The binding could be traditional or creative but it had to center around poetry. […]