March: Stuff in a Box

March’s collaborative project between myself and Kristin at Space Paste Press was a lighthearted, fun assignment. Time was an issue due to some traveling between the two of us but that only meant a shorter execution period. The theme: Stuff in a Box (or enclosure) Basically, any sort of book project we had in mind […]

February: Zine

          February’s intellectual collaboration was a zine. It was great fun and a new experience to fill out content for a small format. Like January’s collaboration, Dust of Snow, we set a few parameters and this month’s were as follows: Zine Black and White Teach or Preach (2) 8.5 x 11 […]

January: Jacob’s Ladder

The third week of January, I finished a book that is part of a new activity I started with my friend, Kristen, of Space Paste Press. Kristin and I live far away from one another; I live in Indiana and she lives in Pennsylvania.  In order to spark new projects and to eliminated the inspiration […]