Don Etherington Workshop

I had the privilege of attending a workshop given by Don Etherington the week before last here in Bloomington, Indiana. It was the fruits of a grant attained by my former colleagues at the E. Lingle Craig Auxiliary Library Facility as an opportunity to further professional development within the preservation and conservation labs. Everyone was really excited to learn from Don and get their hands working with some leather! Day One As soon as short introductions were made, we got right into the work of learning reback treatments with both linen and with leather. Everyone selected the books they would…

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Craft Night Highlights: Halloween Cards

Being bogged down in a relentless day-to-day schedule or working at home, it is easy to feel a little out of touch with the rest of the world.  In order to combat this, two years ago I began a craft night. Once a week, I invite close friends over for a night of socializing and productivity.  Everyone is encouraged to bring their latest project. This can include anything from knitting to mending clothing but pretty much everything is welcome. Every once in a while, I initiate a project or theme to the evening and this time, it was Halloween.  (Apologies…

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finished binding with braided thongs

Standards of Excellence, 2010

This year, the Guild’s Standards of Excellence were held in sunny Tucson, Arizona.  I landed Thursday afternoon, and after getting settled, cruised through the vendor rooms to peek at the weekend’s prospects. In the evening, we had a reception at the University of Arizona’s Special Collections library.  There, we were able to see a great selection of their collection.  We were also treated to a reception where everyone had a chance to catch up with one another. Friday began the first day of demonstrations and I was eager to get started.  My first session was with Martha Little who spoke…

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Heading to Standards

Today, I head to Tucson, Arizona for the Guild of Book Workers Standards of Excellence. It will be a great weekend. There, members of the Guild get to reconnect and catch up in between wonderful demonstrations...not to mention the vendor room filled with great binding equipment and supplies. Next week Ill post some photos of the weekend...stay tuned.

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Lined Paper

Lined paper.  How many people have searched and searched for this paper that was not only wide enough (in the right direction) but also had a grain direction that was correct as well?  I am one of these people...I am still on the lookout for this unicorn of bookbinding materials. However, in the meantime, I have come up with a few ways to address this problem. printed lines This is probably the most logical response to the lined paper issue. A quick document can be created in Word, Excel, or any other program that is fully customizable to fit your…

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