Winter Inspiration

A snow day can be an opportunity for an unexpected restful day, or it can be a helpfully productive day. Today, I am lucky to feel like being productive. With the city and the university shut down, it feels like I get a special pocket of time to catch up on a few things around the studio. I find that the seasons can be helpful if thought of in relation to productivity: the spring is a great time to begin new endeavors, the summer a time to maintain them, the fall is a time to shed anything hanging around too…

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Paper Craft. Repair. Blocks. Nearly Everything.

A few things are spread throughout my studio this week. Contrary to being distracting, having a few stations to work at keeps me from being idle too long, especially on days that I feel restless. Many projects = no excuse for a lack of productivity. PAPER CRAFT. This past March-April when I had the privilege to go to Japan, I picked up this paper craft model of Toji, a five-story pagoda in Kyoto. Paper craft projects consist of several pages of punch out parts that are then glued together to create an object, creature, or in this case an architectural…

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Mind the Gap

Is it May already? There has been a big gap between the last post and this one. A few things have taken my attention during that span of time. The first is the Guild of Book Workers Horizon exhibit entry. With a wide open theme, the exhibit allowed for a huge array of interpretation on the subject "Horizon." I deliberated over the project for quite a while before finally deciding on the direction I would take it. I am happy with the result. It didn't end up in the exhibit, however the book took me on an exploration of my…

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Happy Holidays!

Hopefully everyone out there is finishing up those presents and gearing up for holiday fun. The last of my homemade gifts are getting finished up today and I am looking forward to taking a break for too much food! I hope all of you have a great holiday and safe travels.

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