Computer Day

NaBloPoMo November 3 Today, is one of those days that I go back and forth between avoiding and getting mildly excited about. Tuesdays have become the day I sift through the quick sand that is my email Inbox and make sure I address every email that came in over the last week. When consistent, I feel like I have a good handle on the various conversations that pile up. During this computer day, I check the finances to make sure my bank and my own account register agree, update this blog and Facebook, and address any volunteer tasks that I…

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New equipment

NaBloPoMo November 2,2015 This is a bit of a teaser post, but I can't help wanting to be suspenseful. Blame it on Halloween still wearing off! I have acquired a new piece of equipment for the studio, and before I can clean it up and assemble it in place, I had to create a platform of sorts for it to sit on. Okay, its a board shear! I just realized it would be hard to explain this large piece of plywood without disclosing that bit of information. With my studio being in our house, I have to protect everything around…

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National Blog Post Month 2015

Several people endeavor to write everyday for the month of November (NaBloPoMo). For some, this means getting back to that novel they've been meaning to write. For others, it is a chance to post everyday on their blogs. I am with the second group and will make a push to do the same. Everyday, I'll post on the daily happenings in the studio as well as some posts about things that have happened over the last year, many of which I didn't have the time to address before. As someone who would rather work with her hands than update a…

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On to the next

  Here in Bloomington, people seem to be bracing themselves for the start of the new academic year on campus. It is interesting how it is almost a tangible change in the air and one that I look forward to. As a person who really loved the beginning of a college semester, I allow myself to get carried away with the bustle of preparation. Now that I am no longer a student, I apply the mood to the studio. Do I have enough pens and pencils? I do? Ok, I'll get some more so I am prepared for the next…

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Return from paradise

I've just returned from a week long trip of fun in another time zone and have come back with a mid winter bounce in my step. Workshop prep continues but there are some projects on the bench that are pulling at my finger tips begging to be transformed from works in progress to finished pieces.   The clamshell box workshop pieces have been cut and are ready to go for the upcoming classes. Course materials are coming together for the Paper and Book Intensive as well. As for creative endeavors, I am playing with fore edge decoration methods. I'll look…

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