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Works in Progress

NaBloPoMo November 17. Being rainy and gloomy outside, it was hard to focus for very long today. As a result, I spent the day working a little bit on a few things. Because of the rain, which I have no problem blaming for everything today, it took a little longer to get going despite a lovely coffee date first thing in the morning. To ease into the day, I did some research for a hanging piece that will use soft circuitry. After my reading, I think I am ready to move forward, however, before I have sketches finished, I'll refrain…

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Sanding Saturday

NaBloPoMo November 14. I sanded all day to get the two main base pieces of the board shear ready for assembly. After sanding was finished, I lightly oiled the pieces with linseed oil to seal and protect them against rusting again. Any surface that receives oil is heavily buffed with a dry cloth to remove any excess oil. Since everything is metal, there is no absorption. My plan is to heavily document the process of putting this together. I don't anticipate being in my studio space for the rest of my life which means one day I will have to…

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Happy Friday

NaBloPoMo November 13. Today was a busy day of casing in the remainder of the blank books and the twenty are now complete. It was a sad realization last night, though, that while I was on schedule to finish all the books by today, I didn't factor in shipping time. This means, they won't make it to the sale for which they were intended. At times like this, it is no wonder people have assistants. In order to make some lemonade out of the lemons, the books will be put online once photographed. That will be coming soon...

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Business and Boards

NaBloPoMo November 10 Today being Tuesday, it was another day spent at the computer. Things were caught up, but despite being tied to the digital world, I was able to get to the cover boards for the blank books that are in the works. Since my board shear is still getting the royal rust treatment, I am still cutting board by hand....hopefully for the last time. However, I will post the method I've developed for cutting board, or paper, by hand tomorrow.

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Satisfying Stack

NaBloPoMo November 4 Today was spent between a print in progress (more on that soon) and the group of twenty blank books that are getting ready to be sent up north. After a full day's work, all are rounded, backed, and lined. When I had sewn all of these books, I used a thread that would cause some swell after the sewing was complete. This gives the spine of the block a more natural round. The idea of not having to fight too hard to achieve this is always appealing, and certainly less stressful during the backing process. Once in…

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