Sanding Saturday

NaBloPoMo November 14. I sanded all day to get the two main base pieces of the board shear ready for assembly. After sanding was finished, I lightly oiled the pieces with linseed oil to seal and protect them against rusting again. Any surface that receives oil is heavily buffed with a dry cloth to remove […]

Happy Friday

NaBloPoMo November 13. Today was a busy day of casing in the remainder of the blank books and the twenty are now complete. It was a sad realization last night, though, that while I was on schedule to finish all the books by today, I didn’t factor in shipping time. This means, they won’t make […]

Business and Boards

NaBloPoMo November 10 Today being Tuesday, it was another day spent at the computer. Things were caught up, but despite being tied to the digital world, I was able to get to the cover boards for the blank books that are in the works. Since my board shear is still getting the royal rust treatment, […]

Satisfying Stack

NaBloPoMo November 4 Today was spent between a print in progress (more on that soon) and the group of twenty blank books that are getting ready to be sent up north. After a full day’s work, all are rounded, backed, and lined. When I had sewn all of these books, I used a thread that […]

Computer Day

NaBloPoMo November 3 Today, is one of those days that I go back and forth between avoiding and getting mildly excited about. Tuesdays have become the day I sift through the quick sand that is my email Inbox and make sure I address every email that came in over the last week. When consistent, I […]