Cutting by Hand

NaBloPoMo November 11 As promised, today, I will outline the steps I use to cut material by hand. I've been meaning to post about this for a long time because this is a huge issue for any bookbinder or book artist...or any artist. No matter your preferred concentration, it is common to find yourself in the position of having to cut several pieces of board or paper down to consistent sizes. The process can be frustrating and time consuming but there are a few ways to make it easier on yourself all while being consistent. For each method, there is…

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Business and Boards

NaBloPoMo November 10 Today being Tuesday, it was another day spent at the computer. Things were caught up, but despite being tied to the digital world, I was able to get to the cover boards for the blank books that are in the works. Since my board shear is still getting the royal rust treatment, I am still cutting board by hand....hopefully for the last time. However, I will post the method I've developed for cutting board, or paper, by hand tomorrow.

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Moss Stitch

Today was spent signing, numbering, and dating the Bridges prints to be sent to Iowa for the exchange part of the exhibit. Once the prints from all the participants arrive in Iowa, they will be collated and redistributed to the participants. Then, we all box or bind the collection and send the finished products in for the exhibit. I am SO excited to see everyone's work! In the meantime, this is a sneak peak of a piece I have been working on. There is no deadline for this piece or an intended goal. It is the thing I pick up…

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Bridge Crossed

NaBloPoMo November 8 This print run congealed my relationship with my sweet little poster press. Since I acquired the press, I have only done a few small print runs. Figuring out how to register my imagery and hand ink consistently had tripped me up. However, after having taken Karen Kunc's class at PBI this past year, everything changed! Karen is a brilliant, Nebraska based, print maker and hand inks her prints with absolutely stunning results! I have not yet posted about PBI, but suffice it to say that Karen's class made a big impression on the way that I will…

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Rusty business

NaBloPoMo November 7 It is torture to have a piece of equipment sitting in the next room, just waiting to be assembled. Due to a few deadlines, I haven't been able to devote much of my time to sanding the rust off of the board shear parts. However, I stole a few hours to sand a few pieces just to feel like I was getting somewhere. These three bars connect to the two main base pieces that everything else will attach to. Since they are relatively small (about 3 feet long each), I could figure out the right way to…

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